Documents for Apostille

The Secretary of the District of Columbia and the US Department of State provide authentication of public official signatures on documents to be used outside the United States of America. The country of destination determines whether the authentication is an Apostille or Certification.

Apostilles and Certifications only certify to the authenticity of the signature of the official who signed the document, the capacity in which that official acted, and when appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears. The Apostille or Certification does not validate the contents of the document.

The most common types of documents submitted for authentication and legalization include:

Business Documents
•Articles of Incorporation
•Certificate of Free Sale
•Certificate of Foreign Government
•Certificate of Origin
•Commercial Invoice
•Corporate Documents to be Used Overseas
•Department of Health and Human Services Documents
•Distributorship Agreements
•Food and Drug (FDA) Administration Documents
•United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
•Power of Attorney
•Shipping Documents

Personal Documents
•Academic Credentials (diplomas, transcripts, letters, etc)
•Birth Certificate
•Certificate of Naturalization
•Consular Report of Birth Abroad
•Death Certificate
•Divorce Certificate
•FBI Fingerprint or Police Report
•Marriage License •Name Change
•Power of attorney
•References and Job Certification
•Single Status to Marry
•Teacher Credentials
•U.S. Department of Justice Document
•U.S. District Court Document

Please call us before sending in your document for verification.  We may ask you to scan and email us a copy so we can verify your document qualifies for authentication.  Thank you.